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First-class logistics company limited established in year 2007. The com pany has been running freight forwarder business in Thailand. Our company locate on Sathupadith Road, Yannawa district, Bangkokcity, Thailand. The company has registered to ministry of commerce with registeration fund Bht1,000,000 in the beginning peri.od of business starting, then extra registeration fund to Bht2,000,000 in year 2013 to enhance company status and balance with company expanding. our company ‘s commercial registeration noumber is 0105550080124 and tax id. number 3032728300 .


The company is one of services providing leader in international tran sport business. Our services compose of inbound / outbound air & sea freight, customs broker, inland transport, project cargo, cargo insurance, pack & move and warehouse.


The company has been continous developing our agency network by engaging annual freight forwarder association in aboard to find out reliable agency network and partnership so that we ensure all of our handling shipments will be carried with care by professional.